Adel Germany Diacard Gold Drops 25 ml

-10% Adel Germany Diacard Gold Drops 25 ml

INGREDIENTS: 100 g of drops contain: Valeriana Q = 1x 5.0g, Aether sulfuricus1x 13.0g, Aurum chloratum natronatum 4x 3.0g, Camphora 2x 5.0g, Cactusgrandiflorus 2x 20.0g, Strophanthus gratus 4x 10.0g, Crataegus Q 5.0g,
Other constituents: sucrose, ethanol, purified water


USEDWHEN: Functional heart complaints ingeneral autonomic liability.


DESCRIPTION: Homeopathic drops for the Heart. Diacard acts as a Heart tonicfor High BP, breathlessness, chest pain & fainting attack. Diacard GoldDrops has been traditionally used by physicians world-wide since 1919, as aconvenient supplement for the treatment of:
· Heart Complaints, Extremely Rapid and Irregular Pulse,
· Palpitation, Angina Pectoris and Anxiety,
· Nervous Heart due to emotional upset or stress,
· Fainting, Fatigue, Heart Throbbing,
· General Tiredness and Restlessness,
· Toxic effects of Alcohol and/or tobacco on the heart,
· Mild to Moderate Hypertension
· High Cholesterol - Circulatory Instability
· Weak Heart (it strengthens the heart and helps to maintain the quality oflife)


DOSAGE: Unless otherwise directed, adults and children above the age of 6years should take 20 drops three times daily. Diacard should be taken beforemeals on some sugar or - especially recommended in the evenings - in 1tablespoonful of water.
Diacard can always be taken when complaints occur.

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