Bayer Contour Plus 50 Test Strips

-20% Bayer Contour Plus 50 Test Strips


Bayer Contour Plus Test Strips are designed with No Coding technology. It comes with the Second Chance sampling such that it allows you to add more blood if the sample amount is less. These strips also have a Sip-in sampling feature. With these strips, you can test your blood glucose levels at home.
The Contour Test Strips work on a new proprietary technology. With the help of this technology, the strips give accurate results in only 5 seconds. These strips require a small amount of blood sample.


Sip-in sampling.
Uses proprietary mediator technology.
No Coding technology.
Second-Chance Sampling.
Small amount of blood sample required.
Easy to handle and hygienic.
Gives accurate results in just 5 seconds.


Sample Volume: 0.5 ml
Strip Type: Non-Coded
Measurement Time: 5 seconds


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