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Accu Check Lancing Device

DESCRIPTION:- Automatic lancing devices are the most common type of lancing device on the market, an..

Rs 150.00

Apex Portable Mobi Mesh Nebulizer

Mobi Mesh - Portable Nebulizer with Mesh Technology APEX Mobi Mesh is an innov..

Rs 7,000.00 Rs 5,950.00


BABY MASKPACK SIZE1 UNITCOMPOSITIONNot AvailableSchedule H MedicineA valid prescription is mandatory..

Rs 185.00


BABYMATIC SPACERPACK SIZE1 UNITCOMPOSITIONNot AvailableSchedule H MedicineA valid prescription is ma..

Rs 200.00

Bayer Contour Plus 50 Test Strips

DESCRIPTION:-Bayer Contour Plus Test Strips are designed with No Coding technology. It comes with th..

Rs 1,500.00 Rs 1,200.00

Bayer Contour Plus Glucometer

SPECIFICATIONS:- Measuring Time-         5 sec Number of La..

Rs 1,775.00 Rs 1,250.00

Bayer Contour TS Blood Glucose 50 Test Strips

DESCRIPTION:- Small required blood samples 0.6 microliters and a test strip indicator window makes b..

Rs 1,200.00 Rs 1,000.00

Bayer Contour TS Blood Glucose Meter

DESCRIPTION:- Bayer's CONTOUR TS system is a simple win for people looking for high performance in ..

Rs 1,645.00 Rs 800.00


BREATHE O METERPACK SIZE1 UNITCOMPOSITIONNot AvailableSchedule H MedicineA valid prescription is man..

Rs 340.00

Chicco Breast Pump

DESCRIPTION:- If you're having trouble nursing during those first few weeks after you give birth, or..

Rs 1,650.00

Dr. Morepen Blood Glucose Monitor BG-02

DESCRIPTION:- No Code Monitor. Biosensor Based. Hassle Free Strip System. Only 0.7µL Blood Required..

Rs 1,090.00

Dr. Morepen Blood Glucose Monitor BG-03

DESCRIPTION:- Accurate and Ergonomic Model. Test Range: 20-600 mg/dL (1.1-33.3 mmol/L). Sample Size..

Rs 1,690.00

Dr. Morepen BP One BP09 Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

DESCRIPTION:-4 Users Interface.Irregular Heartbeat Detection.Low battery Detection.Comes with WHO Bl..

Rs 2,610.00

Dr. Morepen Breathe Free Vaporizer VP-05

DESCRIPTION:- Steam Inhalator cum facial sauna. 1.8 Metre Long Cord. 3 Months Manufacturers Warrant..

Rs 475.00

Dr. Morepen Compressor Nebulizer CN-06

DESCRIPTION:- Ideal Nebulizer For Respiratory Tract Treatment. Open/ Close Vent For User Selectable..

Rs 2,850.00

Dr. Morepen Compressor Nebulizer CN-07

DESCRIPTION:- Ideal For Both Upper & Lower Respiratory Tract Treatment. Durable and long life c..

Rs 2,990.00

Dr. Morepen Digiclassic MT101 Hardtip Thermometer

DESCRIPTION:-Mercury-free (100 percent safe).Dual scale measurement of celsius and Fahrenheit.High p..

Rs 190.00

Dr. Morepen DigiSmart Digital Thermometer Waterproof MT-105

DESCRIPTION:- No Metal Tip  Anallergic.No Nickel In Direct Contact With The Skin.Mercury-Free (..

Rs 250.00

Dr. Morepen Digital Weighing Scale DS-03

DESCRIPTION:-Fiber Top.Elegant & Extra Slim Design.Exquisite Blue Backlight Display.High Precisi..

Rs 2,890.00

Dr. Morepen Dual Head Stethoscope ST-04

DESCRIPTION:- A stethoscope is a physician's best friend and Dr. Morepen acoustic stethoscope combin..

Rs 999.00

Dr. Morepen Manual Weighing Scale MS-02

DESCRIPTION:- Analog Display. Non Slip Platform. Max Load 125 Kgs. Extra Large Display, 1 Kg gradua..

Rs 1,295.00

Dr. Morepen Pedometer PD-01

DESCRIPTION:- A light & smart monitor that counts steps taken, calories burnt and miles or kilo..

Rs 499.00

Dr. Morepen Pulse Oximeter PO-04

DESCRIPTION:- Dual Colour OLED Display. 6 Display Modes. Suitable for Both Adults and Pediatric. Lo..

Rs 3,499.00

Dr. Morepen ST01 Deluxe Stethoscope

DESCRIPTION:-Chrome plated chest piece with special diaphragm.Compact with dual frequency.Seamless P..

Rs 599.00