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Dr. Morepen ST03 Dual Head Stethoscope

DESCRIPTION:-Aluminium chest piece with special diaphragm.Light weight and compact with dual frequen..

Rs 699.00

Dr. Morepen Thermosmart Infrared Thermometer

DESCRIPTION:-Non contact infrared thermometer.LED backlight display.Accuracy of +/-0.2 degree celsiu..

Rs 2,999.00

Draedass Back Rest Support

DESCRIPTION:-Back rest, steel frame with white painting, excellent for patient safety and back suppo..

Rs 2,150.00

Draedass Commode Chair With Seat

DESCRIPTION:- Commode chair are best suited for people who cannot use a regular toilet. The chairs ..

Rs 4,900.00

Draedass Commode Stool Folding Deluxe

DESCRIPTION:- If you suffer from knee pain then using Indian style toilets can become quite impossi..

Rs 1,500.00

Draedass Heel Cushion Silicon

DESCRIPTION:- If you suffer from heel discomfort or are into high impact sports, it is important to ..

Rs 220.00

Draedass Junior Wheelchair Kids Range

DESCRIPTION:- When it comes to wheelchairs, young children have a different set of needs than adult..

Rs 12,500.00

Draedass Orthopedic Cervical Neck Pillow

DESCRIPTION:- Orthopedic Cervical Neck Pillow will give you maximum comfort and support, regardless ..

Rs 850.00

Draedass Quadri Pod Stick

DESCRIPTION:- Walking Stick quadripod is a walking aid to give extra stability during walk to very w..

Rs 950.00

Draedass Reclining Wheelchair Sleeper Position Deluxe

DESCRIPTION:- Reclining Wheelchairs are specially designed to allow a person to comfortably recline..

Rs 13,500.00

Draedass Super Light Foldable Transport Chair With Carry Bag

DESCRIPTION:- The best among all super lightweight folding travel chairs on the market today; the S..

Rs 9,500.00

Draedass Walking Stick Monopod

DESCRIPTION:- Extra thick derby shaped handle-made of high impact durable nylon, black maple shaft, ..

Rs 550.00

Draedass Walking Stick Tripod

DESCRIPTION:- Walking Stick Tripod is designed to provide full weight bearing when one leg is physic..

Rs 830.00

Draedass Wheelchair With Commode

DESCRIPTION:- We offer a vast range of commode wheelchairs which are specially designed for aged an..

Rs 9,700.00

Easycare Adult Diaper 10 PCS Pack

DESCRIPTION:- An adult diaper (or adult nappy) is a diaper made to be worn by a person with a body l..

Rs 430.00

Easycare Anti Decubitous Mattresses

DESCRIPTION:-Anti-decubitus systems play an important role in the prevention and treatment of pressu..

Rs 5,300.00

Easycare Finger Pulse Oxymeter

DESCRIPTION:- Pulse oximeter is a simple, relatively cheap and non-invasive technique to monitor oxy..

Rs 3,500.00

Easycare Invalide Wheelchair Foldable Semideluxe

DESCRIPTION:- The fold-able Wheelchair provides comfort and mobility in an economical package. It c..

Rs 6,700.00

Easycare Portable Suction Machine

DESCRIPTION:-A Suction Machine is a device for removing liquids or gases by suction, especially an i..

Rs 8,300.00

Easycare Under Sheet Bed Pad

DESCRIPTION:- We are being committed towards ensuring complete client satisfaction by supplying an e..

Rs 480.00

Easycare Urine Bed Pans

DESCRIPTION:-A bedpan or bed pan is an object used for the toileting of a bedridden patient in a hea..

Rs 480.00

Easycare Water Bed

DESCRIPTION:-A water bed not only prevents the formation of ulcers, but greatly aids the healing of ..

Rs 3,050.00

Flamingo Abdominal Belt 14 cms

DESCRIPTION:- Abdominal Belt is an ideal product to improve posture and check abdominal sag. The nar..

Rs 329.00

Flamingo Abdominal Belt 20 cms

DESCRIPTION:- Flamingo Abdominal Belt is recommended to be used after surgery or after delivery to..

Rs 499.00

Flamingo Abdominal Bindar 25 cms

DESCRIPTION:- Flamingo Abdominal Binder is a quintessential product, which is recommended after surg..

Rs 749.00

Flamingo Ankle Binder L

DESCRIPTION:-Flamingo Ankle Binder L 25-30 cmsFlamingo is one of the pioneer brands offering He..

Rs 199.00

Flamingo Ankle Binder M

DESCRIPTION:-Flamingo Ankle Binder M 20-25 cmsFlamingo is one of the pioneer brands offering He..

Rs 199.00

Flamingo Ankle Binder S

DESCRIPTION:-Flamingo Ankle Binder S 15-20 cmsFlamingo is one of the pioneer brands offering He..

Rs 199.00

Flamingo Ankle Binder XL

DESCRIPTION:-Flamingo Ankle Binder XL 30-35 cmsFlamingo is one of the pioneer brands offering H..

Rs 199.00

Flamingo Ankle Binder XXL

DESCRIPTION:-Flamingo Ankle Binder XXl 35-40 cmsFlamingo is one of the pioneer brands offering ..

Rs 199.00

Flamingo Anklet- pair L

DESCRIPTION:-Flamingo Anklet- pair L 25-30 cmsAnklet offered by Flamingo helps in providing exc..

Rs 249.00

Flamingo Anklet- pair M

DESCRIPTION:-Flamingo Anklet- pair M 20-25 cmsAnklet offered by Flamingo helps in providing exc..

Rs 249.00